Make time for enjoyable by reading, jogging, or spending time with loved ones.

9. Foster Supportive Relationships

Foster supportive connections with friends, family, and the larger community 

8. Seek Professional Help

Don't hesitate to seek professional assistance if you are constantly depressed, anxious.

7. Utilize techniques for stress reduction and mindfulness 

Deep breathing techniques, yoga, mindfulness techniques, and meditation 

6. Maintain a Balanced Lifestyle

Make an effort to eat healthfully, exercise frequently, and get enough sleep

5. Limit Media Consumption

Limit your media usage and concentrate on interacting with inspiring and upbeat material

4. Exercise regularly 

Exercise enhances mood, lowers stress, produces endorphins, and increases self-esteem. 

3. Practice appreciation

Spend some time every day thinking about your blessings. 

2. Raise Awareness 

Raise awareness in your community and among yourself by remaining knowledgeable about mental health concerns.

1. Be patient 

Numerous people have mental health issues. Our mental health may be improved, but it requires time and work