Tesla Cybertruck Interior Shown in Newly Leaked Photos

Pictures of the primitive dash of the electric truck have been uploaded on the site with the hilariously called Cybertruck Owners Club.
  • The pictures depict a generic dashboard, a squared-off steering wheel, and a well-known centre screen.
  • This week, two further images of the impending Tesla Cybertruck were revealed.
  • The images surfaced on the forum with the rather hilarious moniker Cybertruck Owners Club.

We still haven’t gotten a decent look inside Tesla’s first model with a cargo bed, despite recent claims that manufacturing is almost complete and an increasing number of spy photos showing Cybertruck test mules.


We are now getting our first thorough look inside the Cybertruck, some four years after CEO Elon Musk initially revealed it in 2019. The Cybertruck Owners Club forum posted a picture of one of the test mules that was taken during a recent Tesla shareholder meeting in Texas. Ironically, there aren’t any Cybertruck owners.

The first image, which was taken from the driver’s perspective, highlights a few significant elements. The roughly octagonal steering wheel, which resembles a cross between a regular round wheel and Tesla’s tiller, is immediately noticeable. Tesla chose capacitive buttons over the visible turn signal stalk for the dashboard.


The Model 3 and Model Y also lack standard gauge clusters, as does the Cybertruck. This puts the huge, bland dashboard even more clearly into perspective. The long flat dashboard is not all that surprising given the unusual design of the Cybertruck, but it still lacks inspiration.

The centre touchscreen is where the majority of the truck’s controls are located, much like in all previous Teslas. There are no visible HVAC vents or charging outlets on the dash, which is otherwise vacant. The wide horizontal display and the steering wheel help to fill this space.

The centre console appears to blend in with the Cybertruck’s overall motif as well. The console’s sliding cover appears to be an imitation of the truck bed’s tonneau cover. The centre console was once said to fold down to provide room for a third jump seat, although it is difficult to tell from the leaked pictures if that is still the case.

Will the widely awaited and long overdue electric pickup truck from Tesla eventually be more prevalent? Who knows, but we’ll be on the lookout for both official information and leaks.

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